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Advance of research on how to make money online : So far I could only make a few dollars (very few to live on this) , I understand that the referral process ( explained in the previous post that is the action of recommending others page in which we are affiliated , registered , signed , etc. . ) . Anyway I do not see how some internet gurus Hispanic promise you millions and radical changes in life and that I’ve wasted enough time looking revising by enrolling to a lot of newsletters and whatever page that promises to give you the secrets of internet and with this change your life achieving financial freedom. At the end they all come to the same thing: you have to pay an entrance fee ( from U.S. $ 27 to U.S. $ 4,000) and then start looking for people like you interested in pay this fee to sell products or knowledge . Not saying it’s a good or bad practice, but at least not yet available on the website these wonderful surveys paid those millions of dollars for clicks or anything like it , yes I found some pages that pay you (from 0001-0025 ) by completing surveys from 15 to 20 min.

Breakthrough – Creating an account to receive payments online : Create an account abroad to receive payments and to take your money from anywhere in the world, apparently , is not as difficult as I found the task of generating resources and abundance online. I look for how you might receive future payments as comfortable as possible . In a next post I will comment as to apply and what requirements you asking , mine is being processed is a kind of prepaid debit card with an annual cost of $ 25 .


Cristian Rojas


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