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Earning money online from any location in the world : In the first experiment we’re going to do is go browsing and researching various sites on the web find the truth about the pages that pay money for clicks , Filling surveys, see advertising, etc .

First of all I must give some indications necessary to understand this to make money through internet:

You must have an email created , ideally gmail , and others like Hotmail not always accept emails from the websites offer online marketing services is the first way to make money doing , watching and commenting on the internet.
Ideally must have or create a PayPal account , that’s what must have checking account, savings account in your country, but it is not a rule can also request payment via Western Union or check ( at least for now so I’ll be doing) .
Enroll in as many sites offering marketing services and referral ( invite friends to register on the pages as referring yours, recommended by your link , this is a link you get the same pages when enroll in them) . Here I give you some of the links to sign up as my referral and you can perform this experiment with satisfaction.


Logo Suma Clicks


This is a page where you can make money watching commercials that send you to your email and you can also earn money by inviting others to join.



It is a page where you earn money by clicking on advertising that arrives via email and inviting friends.



Page that gives you money (points that can change in money) for every click you make on the ads that are available on the site.



Another one! of which paid for clicking on ads and invite friends.


Cristian Rojas

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